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freeshipping velcro
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Soon it will be spring & summer before you know it! its time to get out and fix up the garden, get it looking nice for the sunny weather.

by | Aug 2, 2020 | All, Summer, Gardening | 0 comments

If your garden has flowers that droop over, they may need support – sometimes tulips or delphiniums need a stake and some VELCRO Plant ties.  These plant ties can be used again and again, so come on tomatoes, runner beans – sweet peas etc – these are great for all those climbing varieties too!

Plus These Plant ties come on an easy to use dispenser with stainless steel cut off blade which  clips onto the top of your waistband or over your belt.

Just NEW in this year to the VELCRO Brand Plant tie collection are the VELCRO Brand UV Plant ties. 

Very exciting addition for all you Horticulturists out there. This wider width works really well for Orchard tree growers. 

The Velcro Brand UV Plant tie is a simple and effective way to support trees and plants around your farm, orchard or garden. The lightweight UV Plant tie has been specifically designed and made for the Horticulture Industry and has undergone rigorous trials on its performance including UV.

This product will help you Save time and money. 

The product is available in 25 mm and 50 mm widths x 45 metre roll.


There are so many uses for VELCRO Brand Plant ties. 

For staking ; Securely attach new plants to stakes, to protect them from strong winds and help them get off to a good start.

For Training ; Tie your vines and creepers along fences, walls, trellis, and wires or any other structure for healthy growth so they look their best. 

For support ; Tie your tomatoes, capsicum and other fruits and veggies to stakes or lattice to encourage bumper crops

To create your own poly house ; nothing like saving some money and creating your own hot house for tomatoes or to prevent plants from frostbite in the winter months. See video below for a demonstration on the creation of a Poly house using VELCRO Brand Plant ties.