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How did ‘Velcro’ get its name?

The name was derived from two french words back in the 1940’s. Crochet and Velour.   Velour for the loop and Crochet for the hook — fascinating isn’t it!?

How do you know if you have purchased a Quality hook & loop product?

There are a few distinguishing features that tell you that you have purchased a quality product. These are as follows : The product has a release liner which has printed repeatedly the Registered Genuine Velcro logo.
The packaging features the Genuine Velcro logo and supplies you with a Lot# which provides quality reassurance and control of stock. Velcro is a Quality endorsed company ; The Velcro companies are accredited to ISO 9001:2002

I want the quickest easiest way to attach hook and loop to fabric ;

We recommend using the Stickyback product for use on fabric – This product is especially designed for this purpose. We do not recommend using the adhesive backed products onto fabric.

Can I get custom-made straps or cut pieces of hook and loop?

Yes. V Tapes offer many converting capabilities, from converted and die cut components to complete finished goods. We can produce cut pieces and straps custom made to your requirements.  Please visit or call 0800 483527 to discuss this with our helpful team.

My hook is clogged up with little pieces of stuff. How do I clean it?

Cleaning debris out of the hooks is similar to cleaning hairbrushes – and using a stiff brush or another piece of hook are the best methods. It can take some effort – after all, the hooks in the tape are made to grab! The optimal solution is prevention: the hook portion should be covered at all times, so it does not grab onto anything it should not – like a blanket or hair. Always engage the hook and loop before washing to prevent the hook from picking up lint.

How do I remove the adhesive residue?

We recommend a citrus-based adhesive remover. There are several commercially available, as well as a product called Goo Gone® available from Mitre 10 or Bunnings Stores.  For thick adhesive, you may need to use Meths and some elbow grease to get the residue off. We advise that you spot-test any remover before using and always clean off the surface after using any cleaner.

What should I use to clean the mounting surface before using your adhesive backed products?

You can use any cleaner that will not leave a film or oily surface. We recommend Isopropyl Alcohol

How do we decide which adhesive will work best for our project?

Choosing the right adhesive depends on your product requirements and manufacturing processes, Recommendations on this can be found in the Adhesive Guide Booklet available by request.

What is hook and loop?

Hook and loop is a fastener closure system. The rough side is called hook. Its softer mate is called loop. The hooks engage into the loop and provides the closure mechanism. There are many forms and combinations of hook and loop as well as self-engaging and single-component products

What does PSA mean?

The abbreviation for PSA is Pressure Sensitive Adhesive – an adhesive which requires pressure to activate the adhesive coating on the back of the woven hook or loop tape.  When you stick it down you need to apply some hand pressure onto the tape. Allow 24 hours for full bond / cure to substrate.

How is hook and loop tape attached to a product?

There are a lot of ways to attach VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners to your product, Fabric-backed hook and loop can be sewn to textiles and fabrics. It can be glued to a substrate (surface) using pressure-sensitive or solvent activated backings. It can be welded to itself or another fabric or even RF-sealed or applied using heat-activation. The right choice depends on the application and your requirements.

What is the best method in application ?

Please follow the following Recommendation ;

VELCRO® Brand fasteners with general purpose adhesive are recommended for smooth surfaces and for indoor use.

  1. Clean and dry surface before application – Recommend Isopropyl Alcohol.
  2. Peel tape from fastener and press firmly into place – It is important to apply pressure
  3. Adhesive reaches maximum strength after 24 hours

Note: Not recommended for fabrics, dashboards, flexible vinyl or underwater use. Continued exposure to full sunlight & UV Rays can damage fastener over a period of time.

SPECIAL NOTE ; Your work area must be clean and free from dirt and dust in the air. It is also essential to have a well ventilated area when using solvent activated adhesives. (PS0140) Ideal room temperatures should be 18C to 20C  and relative humidity of 40% to 60% (the lower the humidity the better the bond) If the adhesive is applied below the recommended application temperatures it loses tack.  Sometimes a hair dryer/heat gun used to warm the back of the product before applying to substrate will assist in a better bond,  It is recommended that our products are not applied in cold temperatures. Once adhesive or self-adhesive tape is applied, press it firmly into contact with the substrate to smooth tape and to avoid air bubbles.

How do I tell the difference between hook and loop ?

The hook is prickly and rough whereas the loop is fluffy and soft.

What adhesive backed product is best for outdoor use?

Heavy duty Product Code 25584 works well outdoors. Please read the package carefully to determine if it is best for your application.