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About Us

V Tapes – Our mission

The extensive selection of Quality Hook, Loop and adhesive fastenings is driven by customers specifications
for innovative and cost effective solutions.
V TAPES are totally focused on meeting these requirements with prompt dispatch Nationwide.

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How did it all begin?

In the 1940’s Swiss Inventor George de Mestral was hiking and came home with cockleburs on his trousers.
His microscope showed that cockleburs were covered in hundreds of tiny hooks, and that his trousers were covered with hundreds of tiny loops. The hooks engaged the loops and stuck!

De Mestral decided to turn the discovery into something useful. He perfected and patented a hook product and a loop product that mimicked the cocklebur/trouser combination.

Nowadays, his invention is called hook and loop fastener. The loop tape is soft and fuzzy, whilst the hook tape has stiff little hooks on it. Hence the brand name VELCRO® …. which derived from the French words “VELOUR” meaning velvet to depict the soft loop tape and “CROCHET” to depict the hook tape.

About V Tapes Limited

V Tapes are a family owned Company started in 1961 called The Design Centre.
We have been selling the Genuine VELCRO® brand since the late 1970’s when it was first introduced to the New Zealand market.

During the late 70’s and 80’s we became involved in exhibition and display manufacture. This led to the extensive use of hook and loop and related products.
In 1991 the VELCRO® Company ceased operating in New Zealand and V Tapes became an Authorised Distributor of the Genuine VELCRO® Brand hook & loop Fasteners.

Brief Time line of the Company ;

1961 – “The Design Centre” started in shop fitting and displays, started using ICI Fibres UK, Epsom brand in 1975, incorporating Genuine VELCRO® brand as an add on sales feature.
1980 – Relationship started with VELCRO® New Zealand Ltd.
1991 – VELCRO® NZ merged with VELCRO® Australia Pty. Miniscreens partnership had Distribution rights for selling the Genuine VELCRO® brand in New Zealand
2003 – V Tapes formed as Limited company selling Hook & Loop fasteners and associated products
2013 – V Tapes Authorised as NZ Distributor in New Zealand by the VELCRO® Companies.
2015 – V Tapes Limited move into the Consumer and Retail market in NZ

The photo on the right shows the Genuine VELCRO® hook & loop spot pack. It shows how the packaging has progressed over the years. The far right pack dates 1970’s The middle pack was from 1980’s to 2010. With the latest version and new logo showing on the pack far left.

V Tapes Service

With over 40 years of supply into every business type and public service organisation, V Tapes Limited have built a reputation for quality products and customer satisfaction.

There is no minimum order, we have a wide range of colours, custom converting and die cutting facilities combine, to provide you, our valued customer with the best solution in all tape applications.

Why use VELCRO® brand hook & loop?

  • Quality you can rely on and a Brand name you can trust
  • Quality endorsed company ; The VELCRO® companies are accredited to ISO 9001:2002
  • Genuine VELCRO® Brand is manufactured in USA or Europe
  • Easy to use products with an extensive range
  • Free Advice and help from experienced Sales Consultants
  • Quicker and simpler assembly of goods, no tools or triggers to squeeze!
  • Less risk of cuts or abrasions and no burns from hot glues
  • Less lost time, more productivity, providing value for money 

Friendly & Knowledgeable on line Help

To ensure you get the best Hook and Loop fastener for your needs, our friendly and knowledgeable team are fully trained and ready to discuss your project needs.             V Tapes have a Website Chat feature or you can call us on FREE PHONE 0800 483527

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Relationships Key to Your Success

The key to providing you with products that best fit your needs, flexible service from our family-owned and operated business is our continuing relationships with our customers, vendors and each other.

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