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Mytee Microfibre High Sheen Floor Pad attachment

$37.00 excl GST

MYTEE Microfibre  VELCRO Brand Floor Pad for a High Sheen finish, for your floor tiles.

This is a innovative pad woven from ultra fine fibres that are able to lift out the dirt when cleaning all your smooth hard floors. The back face of this microfibre pad has the VELCRO Brand loop tape attached for easy and fast removal from the Flat mop stick.

Made from the same technology as the Mytee glass cloth, the microfbire cloth is made to leave a streak-free finish on even the most difficult to clean floors.

Floor pad measurements  13cm x 44cm

Vacuum or sweep floor first. To use pad, wet it and ring out excess water so it is damp, (wet enough to clean, not so wet as to leave lots of water behind) Attach the pad to a Flat mop and start mopping. Have a spray bottle with some diluted Outlook/Alert spray the floor as you go ( this keeps the pad damp enough to clean). The pad may grip on some floors, this is the fibre doing it’s job.

A high sheen floor gives you that illusion of space and glamour to your home.   Just add the pad to your wash making sure there is no fabric softener or bleach used.

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