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New Zealand Wine growers….

by | Oct 30, 2021 | All, B2B, Summer, Gardening | 0 comments

New Zealand Wine growers and backyard grape growers – have you ever thought about using   VELCRO Plant ties.?

These plant ties have the ability unlike other ties to be fully adjusted & reused.

Grape vines look lovely grown on a pergola or trellis and  VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties can be used to attach vining plants to their support posts or wires so your grapes are supported as they grow…..

Vining plants offer multiple uses in the landscape. They can flower and provide beauty, have attractive foliage, block unsightly views, provide privacy and give you shade. But when growing your vines you’ll need to provide the best support.

Some vines can grow into monsters and need strong posts, wires, walls and structures to keep them vertical. Other vines can be trained along a horizontal wire as long as the vines are pruned regularly.

These Plant ties are ideal for training grape vines and similar climbing plants such as wisteria etc, The Plant ties come in various pack sizes including an easy to use dispenser with stainless steel cut off blade which  clips onto the top of your waistband or over your belt.

Just NEW in this year to the VELCRO Brand Plant tie collection are the VELCRO Brand UV Plant ties. 

Very exciting addition for all you Horticulturists out there. This wider width works really well for Orchard tree growers. 

The Velcro Brand UV Plant tie is a simple and effective way to support trees and plants around your farm, orchard or garden. The lightweight UV Plant tie has been specifically designed and made for the Horticulture Industry and has undergone rigorous trials on its performance including UV.


There are so many uses for VELCRO Brand Plant ties. 

For staking ; Securely attach new plants to stakes, to protect them from strong winds and help them get off to a good start.

For Training ; Tie your vines and creepers along fences, walls, trellis, and wires or any other structure for healthy growth so they look their best. 

For support ; Tie your tomatoes, capsicum and other fruits and veggies to stakes or lattice to encourage bumper crops