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Great Ideas for Hiking, Camping and boating this Summer….

by | Dec 1, 2021 | All, Life Hacks, Summer | 0 comments

V Tapes Hook & loop can be found in many places of creative sport.

Garments made for fishing & hunting often have hook & loop tape sewn or welded into the manufacture of them. If you are in the clothing industry you may be interested to know about V Tapes Polyester hook and loop tape or our weldable Heat Activated variation


V Tapes services specialty markets that use sew-on and heat weldable hook and loop for textile applications, like mats, cushions, furniture, awnings, tents, shelters and special apparel. 

For those of you in the Marine Industry you must check out our different adhesives for different substrates.  V Tapes also stock Industrial hook and loop tapes for holding up wall and ceiling panels in Super Yacht Manufacture.

These products are known as VELCRO® Brand MVA#8 hook,

and VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty for High  Temperature use. 



V Tapes hook & loop straps are the ideal thing for holding your skii’s together so you can climb those snowy peaks down in the South Island.

Snow Garments need to be made with easy hook & loop cuff closures to keep the snow and cold out.  For upmarket and lovely apparel finishing touches check out our Suede-x fastener or High Technology hooks tapes. 

For those of you who love to go camping these Summer holidays you will find out how necessary it is to take some  VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP or QWIK-TIES with you.  These wrap around fasteners will provide you with multiple useage, they are great to tie up all your camping and tent gear, fishing & hunting gear – but not only that they will assist in holding your jandals or drink bottle or what ever it may be to your backpack.   It is so necessary to be hands free when hiking through New Zealand Native bush.

In  this picture below you will see how the drink bottle is easy attached with the flick of the wrist onto the trampers backpack using VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP tape. The rope is also held to the backpack using ONE-WRAP tape too. 

V Tapes have a huge range of different widths and length packs of ONE-WRAP tape available on our website for purchase 

So even if you have to stay in New Zealand these summer holidays get out there and enjoy New Zealands Native bush,  I am sure there are bound to be some places you haven’ t experienced or explored yet. 





Don’t forget to take some ONE-WRAP tape with you on your next camping and backpack holiday I am sure you will find it very very useful. Enjoy!