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Why Velcro® Brand ONE-WRAP® tape is essential for medical solutions…

by | Nov 16, 2021 | All, Organisation, Healthcare | 0 comments

During the COVID-19 situation, Velcro Companies are focusing their efforts on supplying fasteners for medical uses.

Here is how VELCRO®Brand ONE-WRAP®Tape is an essential tool for medical solutions.

Cable management for hospital data centers & medical devices

Hospitals are dealing with a substantial influx of COVID-19 patients in addition to patients with other needs. The staff depends on data centers and equipment closets to house and distribute patient information as well as operate medical devices that depend on data and connectivity.


VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape is a proven cable management solution to keep cables organized and ease the process of moves, adds and changes. This prevents downtime by maintaining clean connections without damage or stress caused by over cinching. There is also a fire retardant version for installations in plenum space.

Crucial medical devices such as ventilators, blood pressure machines and more depend on organized cables and hoses. All of this must be managed while keeping a clean and safe environment.

ONE-WRAP® Tape and QWIK TIES are a reusable cable management solution to prevent kinks in hoses and damage to cables by keeping them organized and out of the way of foot traffic.


Fastening solutions in field hospitals

To provide easy access to testing sites and accommodate for the overflow of patients, many public spaces are serving as temporary field hospitals.  These areas need connectivity to access patient information and operate all medical machines. This requires long cable runs that can’t afford to be disrupted or disorganized.

ONE-WRAP® Tape and  V Tapes CABLE TRIPSTOP tape organizes cables to prevent tripping hazards and are very easy to install and reuse for quick, temporary installation and maintenance.

Temporary field hospitals will need to have additional cable on hand in the event of the need for extending pathways or replacing cables. 

VELCRO® Brand EASY HANG™ Straps allow installers to store and move spare cables and tubes etc when urgently needed.

Field hospitals must be set up and operating in a matter of a few hours. ONE-WRAP® Tape is an efficient fastening solution to fix tents to structures under time-sensitive circumstances. With fewer parts that can break and the fastener’s re-usability, this solution allows tents to be broken down and reused many times over.