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Wheelchair Product range using hook & loop…..

by | Dec 8, 2021 | All, Back to School, Life Hacks, Healthcare | 0 comments

V Tapes supplies hook & loop into many Medical divisions providing many solutions to mankind. 

Some of these special needs are very varied and many find that the only solution is to use V Tapes hook & loop  and our associated range of fabrics and tapes. 

 The following provides the complete fix for wheelchair users shoe stability 

Firmly secures shoes to users footrest by using SecureShoe Velcro pads together with the users leg weight.

Safe & easy release allows user to safely breakaway for transfers and in the event of their wheelchair tipping over.

Unique traction pads secure shoes effortlessly to non-porous wheelchair footrests.

“Securing shoes on wheelchair footrests has been tried and tested for many years by double Paralympian Morice Hennessy.”

“SecureShoe is designed, developed and manufactured by Star Frame Systems Limited – New Zealand

The Benefits of SecureShoe provide the enduser ; 

  • No more shoes slipping
  • Firmly secure shoes to wheelchair footrest
  • Quick release
  • Customized options *

 * These are Rubber shoes plate risers to use under the shoes if required

and Tension Dampeners to add to joiner pads to ease the tension if required. 

“Suitable for flat non-porous foot plate surface for strong adhesive bonding”

 “Featuring five different genuine Velcro Brand fasteners”

Way to prevent the following incident happening is to use :

The Wheelchair “Secureshoe”

One day we had a friend to stay from England and she had  had a spinal stroke which sadly had left her paralyzed from the waist down. 

We took her to Bethels Beach and she asked us to whizz her along in her wheelchair alongside the waves. She enjoyed it so much. It was a joy to see her enjoying herself again like the times when we were children. 

 Being Teenagers we had a wonderful time not realizing that something might happen which would give us a shock.

.  . . ..All of a sudden we realized that her left foot had slipped from the foot rest and was being wedged between the frame and the wheel.  Because she had no feeling it was not known until it was too late.

It was a horrible experience we will not go into the details. Thinking back now to this experience, the Secureshoe would have prevented this from happening. How we wish Secureshoe had been invented back then.  


V Tapes supply hook & loop to the following Companies for special needs and services in the Wheelchair Industry. 

If you are interested in purchasing the SecureShoe Product please message VTapes Directly on sales@vtapes.co.nz