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Magnification of hook profiles available ….

by | Nov 19, 2020 | All, B2B, Craft Ideas | 0 comments

V Tapes have here, a photo which shows some of the most amazing hook & loop products we offer.
They have been magnified so you can see how the different hooks differ.
Hook and loop fabric is made from synthetic materials, nylon and polyester, and can be used in a variety of applications.

One industry to first adopt hook and loop for its useful application was the aerospace industry – the ease of getting in and out of a bulky space suit was greatly improved. Today hook and loop is used in many industries from transportation, clothing, and sports, and has transformed many products we use in everyday life. When you need a strong-yet-reversible bond, a fastener that uses hook and loop technology is the best choice.

On the magnified photos on the right we have the hook Type 88 – This is the woven hook fastener which is the most commonly found fastener on the market. 

The Ultra-mate hook Type 22 and the Type 15 are what is known as High Technology hooks these have been projection moulded and can be found on V Tapes website under low profile hook and loop tapes such as the HTH 711, HTH 805 and HTH 705 

The Hook Type MVA8 is very popular in the marine and automotive and upholstery industries. It is super strong and comes in both adhesive backed and sew-on versions.  A variation to the MVA8 is also found in Velcro(R) Brand Extreme.

V Tapes are an authorized re-seller of VELCRO® Brand hook & loop fasteners.
V Tapes supply high quality fasteners to provide reliable strength for a huge array of products that are manufactured right here in New Zealand.
Interested in learning more about what V Tapes can do for you? Contact our customer service team, or explore our website!