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Hook & loop ideas for Dog Lovers & Dog Breeders…

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Over the last few weeks we have put together some amazing things you can do with VELCRO® brand fasteners ;

VELCRO® brand Breeding Collars are a must for anyone that is breeding or raising puppies, lambs or calves.
Being able to identify the animal at a glance makes monitoring their eating and toileting that much easier.
You just wouldn’t be without them once you had used them.
To find out more check out Animal ID Collars

A great way to secure your pets dish

Are you tired of your pets moving their food dish all over the floor and making a great big mess??
Adhesive backed hook & loop can be used to adhere the dish to the floor.
If the floor is carpet you just stick some of the hook side to the under side of the dish and that will hook into the carpet. Use the Heavy Duty one – for the best result. You can use the adhesive backed loop side to stick to a hardwood floor, lino or tiles. The adhesive can be difficult to remove so you will need to use a very minimum amount of the hook on the floor, or take consideration of its location before placing it on to your flooring.
Another option is to stick with hook & loop a rubber pad to the underside of your pets dish – this will prevent it from sliding on smooth surfaces. This solution can be used on food or water dishes.
The less the dish moves the less the water spills, therefore creates a safer environment for kids and grandparents who may slip on a wet floor.


Harnesses are a good way to restrain your pet and can offer some protection or added visibility at night as well.
Most harnesses use hook & loop hardware – an easy way to securely fasten them in place around the dogs belly!
Here is a great harness which incorporates a go-pro camera – what fun that would be !
V Tapes have webbingmaterial and hardware to make your own.

Thunder shirts and blankets are used to calm your pet during periods that can cause anxiety for your pet. Things like fireworks, thunderstorms or other loud noises can often scare your pets and using a calming blanket that secures with hook and loop — is a good way to provide some form of comfort to your four legged friend.

Pet Cones are sheets of plastic or other material that gets wrapped around your pets head to prevent them biting or scratching at stitches or wounds, allowing them to heal quickly and properly. Many of these cones are fastened using sticky back hook and loop to make them easy to put on or take off.  Why not make your own.

These are just a few of the most common ways hook and loop can be used by you to make life a little bit easier for both you and your pet!   Enjoy!