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Hook & loop Hacks for your Sports Equipment

by | Jul 2, 2020 | All, Back to School, DIY, Organisation, Summer | 0 comments

If you love to keep active, then there’s no doubt you own every piece of sports equipment there is, but all these activities come with a downfall – where on earth are you meant to store everything?
From outfits to sports gear, storing this can be more tiring than a morning work out.
We’ve come up with five handy organisation hacks for your sports gear to ensure you spend more time on the field and less time sorting your sports apparatus


Sports Equipment Storage Tips and more……

1. Label your Sports Gear + a quick method of applying numbers for sports purposes.

If you play multiple sports, its a good idea to have a gym bag for each activity for easy organisation.
Then when its time for training, just grap your bag and go.
Top tip ; Make your own Gym bag labels using a square piece of fabric and fabric pens. Then you can easily fix your tag directly to the bag using VELCRO® Brand Stick on for Fabrics. Peel and stick one strip to your label and one to the bag. Then you can change your bag labels easily in the future by just creating a new tag.

…. the same product can also be used as a quick method for numbering……

Want a quick method of numbering your players on the field or for a Quick fast method of labelling those Netball bibs??

All you need to do is use VELCRO® Stick On for Fabric ovals.
They can be used for any quick attachment in the
 requirement of sports, – numbering participants –  Running races  or triathalons – other sport tactics that need numbering….
All you have to do is peel it off and stick it on to clothing.


2. Hang up Bulky sports equipment
Bulky sports gear (such as golf clubs) can be hard to store, especially if you’re low on space.
One of our top organisation hacks is to use these VELCRO® Brand Easy hang straps to store Large and heavy items. They’re strong enough to hold up heavy bikes, hockey sticks, right through to the School Gymnastics equipment.
These can be easily hung from hooks in your garage or School sports equipment room.
The possibilities here are endless….. 

hoops on easy hang-148       bag of golf sticks-746


For Smaller items like bats and balls store them in a netted bag that you can easily hang up with a VELCRO® Brand Easy Hang Strap as well. The netting will allow you to see everything inside, so that finding what you need is quick and easy.

Top Tip ; Keep related items together to prevent loosing track of them. For example, roll up your swimming cap and attach it to your goggles strap using a VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP Tie.

3. Bundle up sports Gear for Quick release when required using ONE-WRAP®

Bundle up all the Rhythmic Gymnastics gear, like ribbons, hoop rings etc using ONE-WRAP® continuous tape.
ONE-WRAP® Tape or QWIK TIES®  Tape can be used to bundle any articles together, for quick release at any time, Great way to keep Yoga and Pilates mats etc tidy.

yoga mat with velcro strap-485

4. Use VELCRO®  hook to attach Gym mats in place or to mark out floors
Adhesive backed Industrial Strength VELCRO®  Brand tape can be used to adhere Gym mats together or to secure the mats to the floor.  When they do not need to be held in place they can be easily released and adjusted./stored.

Use Brightly Neon Coloured VELCRO®  Brand Sew-on HOOK only tape in 25 mm or 50 mm widths to mark out special starting points and different positions. The hook side of the VELCRO tape grips into the loop pile carpet, and can be repositioned and used again and again.
A fantastic reusable marking tape.

5. Protect your School Gym floors 

Use your gym-hall floor for events — protect the floor —  TRANSFORM the gym into an auditorium or events centre.

Improve the acoustics
Save on maitenance
Extend the life of the floor from stiletto heels etc

gymfloor carpet-376  HEAVY DUTY EXTRA THIN 20MM resize

Hold down and keep carpet or carpet tiles in place on your Gym floor using VELCRO®  Brand Extra thin hook & loop tape.
Using this method to hold the carpet in place on your Gym floor at special school events is a Quick and Reusable system. It can also be used to secure door mats in place on carpet using the Hook side only.