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Educational aids for Special needs….

by | Dec 22, 2021 | All, Back to School, Craft Ideas, DIY, Organisation, Healthcare | 0 comments


“V Tapes Limited supplies many products into the Special needs Education for the young.     

This has developed into other areas and we also supply specialized products into many other medical fields.   With special needs in relation to healthcare requirements in Hospitals and Retirement Villages.

These special needs are very varied and many are very exclusive and the solution can only be found within V Tapes Unique Product range. 

We will start with Introducing you to our “Hooky Loopy” Range for Children.

Lets introduce you firstly to our Unique special custom made …

“Hooky Loopy” Laptop tray. 

This Laptop tray is covered with VELCRO receptive material which will take the sticky back hook VELCRO tape making the laptop suitable for holding down objects. This provides a surface in which things can be made secure to stop them falling onto the floor.  It is suited as an Educational aid to assist children in the learning of their ABC, reading, learning colours and in the teaching of Mathematics. 

Having the tray tactile – makes learning fun.  It is great for attaching ‘hooked’ down yet removable objects aiding children in mathematics like adding, subtracting and multiplication without the child even realizing it. This Laptop tray can be attached to wheel chairs so as to form a secure tray for children with special needs . 

Any object can be held in place, including plates, books etc with the addition of a VELCRO brand hook spot  on the back of the object. Great Prices available on line!!

Being able to secure objects with hook only tape on to the laptop tray makes it very versatile and able to be used for many different purposes. 

Children can also use building blocks with the hook side stuck on to them to create artistic displays or their own creations + models helping to stimulate childrens creativity.   You will find an example of this here

Suited to many children with learning disabilities + providing a new way to teach children with Dyslexia or Autism. 

It is very easy to remove the objects from the background board – great for those with  Arthritis and Dexterity. 



To view the whole range of “Hooky Loopy” Educational aids, Background boards and tile sets click on this link 

 V Tapes supply Adhesive backed and non-adhesive magnetic tapes and spots, which can be used on our Magnetic Whiteboards. 

Please do not hesitate to ask if you are wanting a particular size whiteboard. We will be happy to provide more of our Standard sizes and prices. 

All enquiries can be made to sales@vtapes.co.nz

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There are some very interesting products on the world market for special needs. One that has really captivated my interest is the Bugzi an amazing invention in the UK which uses hook & loop to provide a way to explore and teach and provide Children’s independence.


The picture on the right shows the Velcro loop tape being used on the tray  to secure the hook backed Yellow, Red and Green Go / Stop Buttons. 

to check this out in more detail click on the following link