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Easy hacks for your next Camping trip this Summer….

by | Dec 13, 2021 | All, Life Hacks, Organisation, Summer | 0 comments

Isn’t Camping just one of the most coolest things you can do in your Christmas Holidays !!? 

Think back to when you were a kid!

Dad & Mum – they can sleep in the Caravan – but us Kids – we will sleep in tents under the stars ! What fun!  Well, one thing is certain you have to give your own kids the same experience. 

Listen! Here are some essential Camping tips that you need for your next trip away in a tent!

You will be pleasantly surprised how handy VELCRO® Brand One-wrap Straps, can be on a camping and Hiking Holiday!

Top tips for happy camping :


Take a bigger tent than you think you’ll need


A Two-man tent may sound big enough for two people but once you’ve filled it with all your camping gear, it might start feeling a bit cramped!

Roll up your sleeping bag and tent with VELCRO®

Brand straps


Roll up your Sleeping bag and tent with VELCRO® Brand straps like this.  They are ideal for turning your tent or sleeping bag into a smaller load to carry and its MUCH easier than trying to stuff them all back into the tiny bags they come with.



Take a portable phone charger

Camping is about getting away from it all… But the reality is, you probably won’t want to be without your phone (especially if you’re relying on it to take photos of the beautiful scenery).

With that in mind, make sure you pack a portable phone charger as plug sockets are few and far between on a campsite!

Wrap up charger cables so they don’t get tangled in your rucksack

…. Chances are your backpack will be packed with a million and one things, which is a recipe for things to get very messy! 

So to avoid the inevitable tangled wires when you pack phone chargers and headphones, wrap them up with these VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® ties.

Take an airbed

There’s nothing wrong with a roll mat but if you want your camping trip to be a little comfier, our top camping tip would be take an airbed!

Just bear in mind that it will take up quite a lot of room in a two-man tent so follow our first tip and take a slightly bigger tent than you need.

If you ever get rips or tears in your airbed or tent etc use VELCRO® Brand Stick On fabric ovals or any stickyback loop tape to do a quick patch up.  It has been proven to work wonders when you are away as a quick fix. 


Stick your roll mat to the ground mat

If you are taking a roll mat and you’ve been camping before, you’ll know how annoying it can be when it won’t stay in one place.

Simple solution: Stick it to the ground mat with VELCRO® Brand Stick On tape!


Have plenty of ways of hanging things up


Its terrible if you have too many things on the floor or your caravan or tent.

Fix a hook to the wall of your caravan and hang your many things off it using a VELCRO® Brand EASY HANG™ Strap.

Clip it on using the carabiner and simply unfasten the VELCRO® Brand Straps when you need to use the objects hanging from it. 

Or better still create this clever Hanging device (*See below) and use the VELCRO® Brand EASY HANG™ Strap in conjunction with it for lightening the load of things you have in your tent!!.

Bring camping chairs

One of the best parts of a camping trip is sitting round the fire at night and since sitting on the ground is not the comfiest, our top tip is to bring enough camping chairs for everyone.

And to make them easier to carry, you could wrap them up with a VELCRO® Brand One-wrap tape

Don’t forget lighting


It gets pretty dark on a campsite when the sun goes down so don’t forget to bring some lighting!

It goes without saying that a head torch will come in super handy and garden solar lights (the kind that stick in the ground) are great for lighting up your camping pitch.

You could also create atmospheric lighting by sticking fairy lights to the outside of your tent or up in the trees outside using Qwik ties or One-wrap tape! 

Qwik ties makes it so easy to do and the result is stunning.

Use a VELCRO® Brand strap to carry firewood

Firewood for your campfire can be rather bulky to carry, so make it easy by wrapping it up with  VELCRO® Brand One-wrap Tape

Take marshmallows!

Last but not least, our final piece of camping advice is don’t forget marshmallows! Toast them on the campfire for the ultimate camping snack!

Now you’ve got all our top camping tips, you’re all set for your next camping trip! 

If you’re interested in more clever ways to use VELCRO® Brand products, check out our monthly blog~