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DIY Felt and Velcro Christmas Advent calendar for your pet + more …..

by | Dec 12, 2021 | All, B2B, Back to School, Craft Ideas, DIY, Home Improvements, Workplace Improvements, Life Hacks, Organisation, Animal & Pet Related Ideas | 0 comments



There are endless ways in which you can make your own decorations and have fun creating them at the same time.   Get your kids in the School classroom or Kindy to create their own Christmas tree and decorations. 

The Christmas Tree to the right  can be cut from our DIY Adhesive backed felt or non-adhesive Green felt fabric  – If you choose to use our Adhesive backed Felt this will provide you with a very quick and easy method for mounting the tree onto the wall. 

The decorations can be secured with velcro hook & loop spots.


You can use the same DIY Felt tree idea for an advents calendar.

There are even Advent calendars for your pet – to view this idea see below picture and for more ideas on this concept visit


 Instead of putting the dog food into the Advent calendar pockets you can put chocolate, sweets, small toys and other treats for children. 

 Kids will get heaps and heaps of fun from these Advent calendars and if you are making one for your pet – that will be amusing to watch 🙂 



The decorations can be made out of our Felt patch kits.  It is so much fun creating your own – we have given you some inspirations here of hand made Felt decorations but there are heaps more on line.




Another simple but effective idea is using Building blocks.

Building blocks with the attachment feature using 22 mm diameter Velcro hook & loop spots are a great co-ordination tool for children.   Create your own fun with our Sticky back hook & loop product range.


 On the right you will see a felt Christmas Tree with felt pom pom decorations attached using VTapes Hook & loop spots.

Our little Pixie Gnome on the left is held onto the tree with  VELCRO brand ONE-WRAP coloured ties, a Quick and easy way to create your own Garland. 

Yes… and when its ALL over you can use these same  coloured ONE-WRAP ties for bundling up all your Christmas Decorations and wrapping papers for storage purposes. 

Check out the Quick video showing how to store your Christmas Lights until next time

Should you only want a few of these ONE-WRAP coloured ties – check out this Five coloured tie pack …. Enjoy making your life stress free