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Daily Living made easier….

by | Jan 9, 2021 | All, Home Improvements, Life Hacks, Healthcare | 0 comments

V Tapes sometimes gets some really different requests!

One day we had a Gentleman ring up and purchase our Stickyback for Fabrics as he was just desperate to get hold of some way to fix a difficulty he encounters everyday ….

We found that this difficulty was a big problem in New Zealand 

This Gentleman wanted to replace the buttons on his shirt with Velcro fasteners so he could do his shirt up with ease….

I did some research and I found that it was really difficult to get hold of Adaptive Clothing in New Zealand.  This is referred to in this interesting blog by an MS Sufferer ; 

Adaptive Clothing – Befree.kiwi

There are a few companies in Australia that provide Adaptive Clothing at a price, however there is practically nothing much at all on offer for New Zealanders.

Individuals with medical conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, stroke, or upper limb amputation could also benefit from VELCRO® brand closures on clothing, allowing the individual to dress themselves or with little assistance. Some medical conditions as well as a sedentary lifestyle may cause swelling of the feet. VELCRO® brand closures on our footwear for men and women will accommodate mild to severe degrees of swelling.
We recommend VELCRO® brand closures on clothing because with this addition  an elderly person will be able to dress independently.

We substitute VELCRO® brand closures for buttons, snaps, and zippers if adapting the garment will be helpful to the wearer and to the caregiver.
Many times the VELCRO® brand fly closure adaptation for the man will be the answer to his “incontinence” problem. Incontinence may not have been the problem after all, but he just wasn’t able to quickly access the zipper on the fly opening. 

Adaptive clothing allows people with disabilities and the elderly to maximize their lifestyles.

Users don’t want to be defined by their disabilities, they want to get the most from their daily lives and this includes access to clothing that aligns to their needs without compromising on quality and style.

The adaptive clothing market is expected to blossom to a $400 billion industry by 2026, indicating the great demand for these solutions and the opportunity for brands to build a strong relationship with their customers. Many brands have already begun to add adaptive clothing lines to bring this trend into the mainstream.




Adaptive clothing requires brands to rethink their traditional designs so that users have unlimited apparel choices. This requires designers to identify new ways to fasten shirts, pants and shoes that are easy to use for those with limited range of motion or dexterity. Another challenge is to create an end product that has little to no visual difference from traditional clothing. Brands need to procure new materials and solutions to align with these requirements.


VELCRO® Brand hook & loop fasteners can help designers improve their customers’ daily lives for a number of reasons. Traditional fasteners such as zippers, buttons or snaps require greater precision and dexterity to align and secure, but hook and loop has large mating zones and can be adjusted with ease.

From fastening shoes to securing wearable accessories, VELCRO® Brand products have been trusted by footwear and apparel companies for decades to add value, functionality and style to their clothing lines. VELCRO® Brand fasteners are available in a variety of different shapes, profiles, colors and materials.    Whatever your requirements are, we can work with your team to create a customized fastening solution that will help build a strong relationship between your brand and its customers.